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Cooking Wood Chips can be used in Gas Grills, Charcoal Units & Smokers

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We're very proud that many Winning Competitive Teams use Sharpe Gourmet Cooking Wood!


In 2006 Mike & Patty bought the Woodshed in Orange.  Mike ran the business & Patty kept her day job in L.A.  Mike's passion was cooking wood & his focus was the absolute best quality, highest customer service & selling with  integrity! Sadly, in 2012 Mike lost a 2 year battle with Leukemia.  Patty, Jas, Renea  & the entire Woodshed Crew continue to work hard to fulfill his vision & grow the SHARPE GOURMET line! 

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All Sharpe Gourmet Products are custom processed, packed & shipped from the Woodshed in Orange, California.  We search the U.S. for the best quality wood & package the finest chips, chunks and logs to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods!  We specialize in exotic, hard to find varieties!  Thanks for stopping by our website - we look forward to enhancing your dining experience with authentic wood flavor!